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Masjid Quba the first Mosque in Medina

Masjid Quba the first Masjid History of Islam in the Medina

The first mosque in the history of Islam in medina is Masjidul Quba. The Messenger of Allah Prophet Mohammad (s) after the arrival in Medina the masjid was built. This mosque and the worshipers of this mosque are honored in the Holy Quran.
At present Masjid Quba second largest Mosque in Medina. Actually, Quba is originally the name of an ancient pit and the area was renamed at a later by the pit name.
The Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) landed at Quba after his arrival in Medina.
The Prophet Mohammad participated in the construction of this mosque Quba on the located north side of Madinah. 

Masjid Quba the first Mosque in Medina

When the construction was completed, he thanked Allah and admired the Muslims of Quba.
He was the first to prayer in the newly built Masjid Quba.

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