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Saudi Arabia Allowed Women Travel Around the World || Saudi Women Rights

Saudi women Travel Abroad without male permission

Numerous news for Saudi Arabia women's equity and empowerment in the modern globalized society.Saudi tourism Official announced that woman will be granted a tourist visa without a male guardian, Royal decrees say's.

The new rule published on Friday 2 August 2019 allows women over the age of 21 to apply for a passport without male authorization and given them on an equal status to Saudi men. The tourist visa issuing is valid for a maximum of thirty day's according to the department of Saudi Arabia commission and tourism.

Since of Saudi vision 2030, the Saudi authorities have marked all defects in the system that prevented a woman from living their lives securely and free from unnecessary Troubles. last year, the Saudi government was withdraw banned rule of driving for women of Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia ambassador In US Princess Reema bint Bandar says she was related to confirm the new changes to the country's labor and civil laws.
The diplomat was said series of tweets "woman have always played an integral role in our country developments and they will continue to do moving forward on the same rank with their male counterparts"
so my dear sisters pack your bags visit your favorite places in the world without any hassles by freedom and carefully and respectfully.
By the Way, introduce yourself in the world Muslims can do anything their religious supporting, caring, respecting by under rules of Islam.
Long live Saudi Arabia..

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