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How to get Police Clearance in Saudi Arabia

Police clearance is called in Arabic "shahadah khulouis sawabake"  (شهادة خلو السوابق الأمنية) . And it has to be collected from the office that his name is "Maktab Adillah Jinniah" (مكتب الأدلة الجنائية) or the Criminal Evidence Office. Often every state of Saudi Arabia has a Criminal Evidence Office So applicants can apply below define the procedure.
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Police Clearance in Riyadh

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Police Clearance in Riyadh:

Application for Police Clearance in Riyadh Region through an Endorsement Certificate in the Criminal Evidence Office of the police station
Applicants Requirements compulsory:
  • Copy of valid Passport
  • Copy of valid Saudi Iqama/Residence Permit; and
  • Sponsor Letter of recommendation.
  • Fee: SR100.00.
  • Sometimes the office is demanded to present a letter of recommendation from the applicant's embassy to issue this certificate.

What has demanded the embassy for a recommendation letter?

  • The applicant will physically submit the written application to the embassy.
  • The statement should define the reason why he wants to get a police clearance.
After submitting In the context of the application, the Embassy issues a letter of recommendation along with the Saudi Authority.
Applicants in Saudi Arabia and in any state or province the Embassy will endorse the 

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