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"Hello" More Way To Say

More Way to Popular word Say "Hello"

"Hello" is a formal greeting word was first recorded in the since the 1800s but was originally used to someone attention or express surprise "hello" How do you do? "Hello"
what's up?.

At this stage "Hello" is a common greeting word when people say each other at mobile is known or an unknown person also in meetings..
At now hello not a common word say somebody as a greeting, hello is complete keyword invented more ways and various subjects use of.
such as Hello song, Hello lyrics, hello song by adele, Hello world, Hello how are you? , Hello how do you do? , hello Riyadh, Hello dude extras.

Hello songs lyrics song by Adele Hello, it's me..
I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to mee..To go over everything
They say that time supposed to heal yaa
But I ain't done much healing 
Hello, can you hear me?

As a greeting by hello more ways is..
"Hello!" Good morning.
"Hello!" Good afternoon.
"Hello!" Good evening.
"Hello!" ’nice to meet you.
"Hello!" how are you doing.
"Hello!" what's up.
"Hello!" how are you.
"Hello!" It’s a pleasure to meet you.

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