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Masjid Al Ghamamah is one of the oldest mosque in Medina

Beautiful Mosque Masjid Al Ghamama in Madina

The Arabic words Ghamamah means 'cloud'. Whenever the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SW) started offering his prayer here the cloud used to give him shade. That's why the mosque was named Masjid al Ghamamah. The Masjid is well maintained, beautiful, the historical mosque is located to the Holy Masjid e Nawabi.

Masjid Al Ghamama in Madina

Historical Mosques sites in Medina, Masjid Al Ghamamah and Masjid Saidina Abu Bakar are located near opposite to each other. Most the people confuse the about to holy mosque by the by differentiating two mosques by domes.
Masjid Al Ghamamah has many domes while Masjid Saidina Abu Bakar is much smaller and has only one big dome. If you go form Masjid e Nawabi. by holy Quran exhibition, you can see two holy mosques located near each other
but the right side and big dome mosque is Saidina Abu Bakar masque and the left site many medium domes mosque is the historical masjid al Ghamamah mosque. 
The area is located Quba gate of the Masjid e Nawabi. (gate 1) and a short walk away from the Holy Quran exhibition.

Masjid Al Ghamama in Madina
The area surrounding the two masjids has been into a park with benches and so many Pigeon, outstanding palace and views the environment you and your family can enjoy visiting this place.

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