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Use of Muslims has changed the life of an Indonesian prisoner

Indonesian prisoner Inspired by the conduct of Muslims.

Inspired by the behavior of Muslims in the prison of the Indonesian. The prisoners are agreed to follow the way of Islam. Even there was an excellent change among them for Islamic rules prohibition. Following tattoos are prohibited in Islam, they decided to remove their body has all the tattoos previously.
That why the prisoners of Indonesian are removing their tattoos from the previously painted bodies in the team by team. The Indonesian non-profit religious organization 'Go Hijrah' is helping them to remove tattoos free of cost.
The prisoners have basically removed tattoos away from the body by swearing to adhere to the instructions of Islam. The tattoo is called 'haraam' in Islam. A young man named Amir decided to take the first tattoo among the prisoners. He has been punished to six years in the ship hijack case.

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