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Indian popular DumBiryani In Riyadh

DumBiryani || One Square Riyadh

Biryani is a mixed rice dish with its origins among the south Asian Muslim. Biryani dish is particularly popular everywhere in the Indian subcontinent country. Biryani as also knows biriyani, biriani, birani and briyani. biriani. Its made with Rice, Spices, chicken, beef, goat, lamb, and some fish and vegetables.

dum biryani ar rabie one square riyadh

In subcontinent countries Biryani has popular names like Dhakaiya Biryani,Dheli biryani, hydrabadi biryani, sindhi biryani,Thalassery biryani, kolkata biryani, kutchi biryani,Bohri biryani, Srilankan biryani,
and the outside south asia arabic biryani,burma biriyani,iraqi biryani etc.

dum biryani ksa
DumBiryani in Riyadh introduces with that One of the best biryani restaurants. Its located Riyadh-Exit 5, Al Rabie, One square plaza beside the kingdom school. There have lots of options for biryani with test world famous. Dum Biryani is an Indian Hydrabadi Biryani it's famous in the world Indian biryani dish. Hydrabadi Dum biryani is a bowl of authentic special rice with spices and meat biryani at now located in Riyadh Saudi Arabia.
Dum biryani Riyadh provides customer by a few items such as chicken, lamb, shrimp, and vegetable. My opinion Chicken and shrimp Biryani is the best in dum biryani restaurant with their spices.
lets checked out below the menu of the dum biryani restaurant.

DumBiryani menu in Saudi Arabia Riyadh

This is the menu of Dum biryani restaurant in Riyadh. Dum biryani menu is useful for the customer because of every single item have three option small-medium and Big.
if you not effort to test a Big dish you can try the small and medium dish. 

dum biryani al rabi riyadh dum biryani riyadh menu

Friend lets checked out your favorite Dum biryani Restaurant and share with us your valuable Experiences. Share with us which is one of your favorite dishes with spices. we wait to see your satisfaction and smiling face and heart. 

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