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Umrah package from Riyadh || Perform Umrah from Riyadh by Bus or Airplane

Umrah guide from Riyadh

How to go from Riyadh to Mecca for Umrah? There are two ways to go Umrah from Riyadh is first the Bus in the second airplane. Here are the two ways different according to their interests and capabilities. let's see Below define two ways to perform Umrah from Riyadh.

Umrah package from Riyadh

Umrah services by Bus:  Umrah package from Riyadh

 Perform Umrah from Riyadh going through by Bus is very popular. Because the only way to perform Umrah with lots of opportunities and also low cost. 
Firstly, the topics covered under bus services are highlighted. Medina is not usually important for Umrah all activities of Umrah are in Mecca. The purpose of all the religious Muslims to go to Medina is that visiting Prophet Mohammad (s) and his Companions 

Rawdah Mubarak for beg. And also visit for praying the world second principal mosque Al-Masjid a Nabawi. Because of this, the Muslim peoples who went to Umrah and the world Muslim community of the whole were looking forward to going to Medina.

generally, if you perform umrah by Riyadh you should go Batha or Hara bus stand. After that, you talk to the transportation office and chose your Umrah packages. They have lots of Umrah packages as you want but  3days and 5 days are comfortable and enjoyable. 

Riyadh Umra Package is first taken to Medina and later in Mecca.
sincerely, they have an exact time to leave Madina to Mecca, so you collect the information by that transportation office and also your bus Driver.
when the bus reached in Mecca, first of all, the driver or transportation officer provide your lodge room then you keep your baggage at the hotel room at that time you will go Masjidul Haram for performing Umrah by taxi. Because the hotel room generally located 10 kilometers far from Masjidul Haram. 
After that, The Bus driver or officer inform you of leaving time and place from Mecca to Riyadh and you will stay at that exact time & place.

Perform Umrah on the plane: Umrah package from Riyadh

Perform Umrah on the plane is very easy, first of all, contact any travel agent for buying an air ticket from Riyadh To Jeddah cause mecca has not airport and also reserved the hotel room by the travel agent as you want. Importantly To buy Air tickets, you will need an Iqama card as you Foreign or residency card as you Saudi, so you should carry it before buying.

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