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One Square Plaza in Riyadh

One square Plaza The Core of Ar Rabi Riyadh

One square is located King Abdulaziz Road (Ubay Ibn Muadh Al Ansari) Riyadh 13315 Saudi Arabia. One square plaza is architecture plus restaurant tenants plaza in Riyadh Ar-Rabie. In one word is a variety of restaurant renters plaza in Riyadh city.

One square riyadh

One square Plaza is the place has too many facilities lots of restaurants options and all types of foods here in the plaza of the city Riyadh. It's really a big part of the core of ar Rabie and besides of the kingdom school. The one square plaza has so many stores and all were booked by restaurants pharmacy and optical showroom. There have so many types of restaurants and coffee shop such as Seafood, Biriyani, meats, chicken, kabab and more coffee shops. One square plaza is a dependable plaza for foods located in Riyadh ar rabi near kingdom hospital and school. Ar-Rabi plaza shops almost all are restaurants and their guest can be having foods from breakfast to dinner. Its really amazing place with good vibes and even better food.i hope Would recommend you to anyone visit this place. One square is an excellent option for available parking by multiple options, and also such a beautiful place.

lets checked below which one is your favorite restaurants and coffee shops...

One square Riyadh all shops: Check your favorite shops

one square ar rabi riyadh restaurant lamb shack ar rabi riyadh restaurant kivahan coffee ar rabi riyadh restaurant pastritto ar rabi riyadh restaurant dumbiryani ar rabi riyadh restaurant pizzaratti ar rabi riyadh restaurant narmo lets meat ar rabi riyadh restaurant  shrimp shack ar rabi brunch   one square ar rabi riyadh restaurant terminal ar rabi riyadh restaurant  al madina optical ar rabi riyadh  one square ar rabi riyadh restaurant one square ar rabi riyadh one square ar rabi riyadh restaurant doomi doo ar rabi riyadh restaurant chkn ar rabi riyadh restaurant half million ar rabi riyadh restaurant  one square ar rabi riyadh restaurant kimono ar rabi riyadh restaurant vintage ar rabi riyadh restaurant me so hungry  ar rabi riyadh restaurant nh ar rabi riyadh restaurant mistro pizza ar rabi riyadh restaurant sandwich ar rabi riyadh restaurant pot dough ar rabi riyadh restaurant second cup coffee ar rabi riyadh restaurant white pharmacy ar rabi riyadh  zora ar rabi riyadh restaurant key cafe ar rabi riyadh  

So, guys let checked out one square plaza and share with us your opinion and experiences by your valuable comments.more then 30 restaurants and shops in hare one square plaza you would visit any store you can share your experiences and satisfaction with us by your valuable comments.

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