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CHKN The Most Popular Restaurant in Saudi Arabia

CHKN Restaurant: The Best Chicken Based food Restaurant in Riyadh

CHKN Restaurant in riyadh

Chkn-Chicken is very popular in Saudi Arabia many regions challenge that chicken is traditionally their. Chkn-Chicken is the most common type of poultry in the Arab world and was one of the first domesticated animals in the world. A chicken major source of meat for human consumption in the world. You have a fresh chicken you can make up to a hundred dishes as like your teste.

Nowadays in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia introduce the name of Restaurant is CHKN, this restaurant prepared all dishes by chicken. Basically, CHKN is a chicken Based restaurant that you can call the Best chicken Based restaurant in Riyadh. More than 15 dishes prepared CHKN restaurant by Chicken. if you want to visit the restaurant as soon as here you go to the location below.

CHKN Restaurant Location: CHKN the Chicken Based restaurant in KSA


A friend if reached the location up before you order your meal you should know their food value and taste. Please checked the list below I tried to define all items of CHKN restaurant in Saudi Arabia.

CHKN Restaurant in riyadhCHKN Restaurant in riyadh    

CHKN Restaurant All Sandwich: CHKN the Chicken Based restaurant in KSA

There is a CHKN restaurant has four types of Sandwich. The first one is Orginal CHKN fillet Sandwich, The second one is Maple CHKN fillet, the third and fourth one are Slaw CHKN fillet and CHKN Toast. The most popular one is Maple CHKN fillet Burgers almost all guests who order Maple CHKN fillet share their opinion Maple is amazing. 

CHKN Restaurant All Appetizers: CHKN the Chicken Based restaurant in KSA

CHKN restaurant has six types of Appetizers dishes.such as CHKN strips original 3pc, CHKN buffalo wings, Orginal CHKN bites, SPicy MMQ bites, Maple CHKN bites, Korean CHKN bites and Fried Corn. There are all dishes absolutely marvelous but great to say Maple CHKN bites and Korean bites are outstanding taste.

CHKN Restaurant All Sliders: CHKN the Chicken Based restaurant in KSA

CHKN restaurant all sliders are admirable,the guests are satisfied having sliders order. Slider station has three items are Classic CHKN slider, Mapple CHKN slider, Slaw CHKN slider but the favorite one is Mapple CHKN slider. 

CHKN Restaurant Services: CHKN the Chicken Based restaurant in KSA

CHKN restaurant provides lots of guests services their services are Auto car parking and Street parking Area, Credit Card payment, Outdoor safe sitting, booking Reservation, Groups welcome and Rest Room.

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