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Beware in Holy Ramadan: In UAE have foods during Ramadan fasting in public will be fined

The UAE has recently passed the Law of Jail and fines during Ramadan Fasting

The Holy Month of Ramadan fasting is expected to start this year May 6, 
with all Muslim adults expected to observe a Ramadan fasting period during daylight hours.
Earlier on in UAE law non-Muslims not permitted eating or drinking in public place.

ramadan fasting

The United Arab Emirates has recently passed the law of jail and fines as 
punishment for publicly Eating and begging. The country of the Middle East has imposed
punishment for having food in public during the daylight hours a holy month of Ramadan.
The new law did not make any distinction between Muslim and other religious people.

Those who broke the law can be fined up to AED2,000 or face jail and The United Arab Emirates police said the law was very clear on the matter.

Besides, if any shopkeeper encourages someone to eat, he will be forced to close his shop for a month. In addition, in the Holy month of Ramadan, someone who entering begging they will be punished jail or fines.
According to the UAE penal code, these penalties will be effective.

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