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Quranic Park || Dubai Introduced the world beautiful Quranic park

Dubai inaugurate Quranic Park on March 2019

The Al Quranic Park open in Dubai area of Al Khawaneej across the last exit. Quranic park new addition to attraction in UAE. Covering 60 hectares the main thing of the park is to introduce the miracles of the Holy Quran through different amazing surprises. The beautiful Quranic Park historic green with varieties of tree plants like fig, olive, bananas, basil and many more.
Beautiful Dubai never fails to impress visitors, Quranic Park authority made fountains, glasshouse Quran, artificial lake, cycling, and jogging track.

Before you go need to know about Quranic Park timing 

The quranic park is open daily from 8am to 10 pm. On Friday from 3pm to 10pm.The quranic park special side's cave and glasshouse are opened 9am to 9pm.
The quranic park made for Muslim community visitor who learned the Quran and knows more about The Holy Quran. It provides visitors with a chance to learn more about the Holy Quran. The Dubai park authority announced on an official Twitter profile that will inaugurate the Quranic park on March 2019.

The quranic park its effort for the visitors it's not wasted I hope visitors will visit quranic park appreciated.
Amazing thing quranic park have smart guide application (android / ios )which had all the information about the park.

Quranic Park location below

So guys visit the miracle Quranic park and share with us your opinion and concern by comments.

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