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Beware: Here in Dubai taking a selfie without permission you fall under the UAE cybercrime Selfie law.

Beware: Without permission taking a selfie in UAE.

Selfie means self-portrait type image, basically taken a photo by smartphone may be held in the hand or supported other tools like selfie stick. selfie is popular in the social media service such as Facebook, twitter Snapchat Instagram and others.

Beware: Without permission taking a selfie in UAE.

nowadays anybody hiring name selfie violation? I think no because of most peoples in the world like a selfie. At this time people storage memorable things by Selfie.

Here in the Dubai taking a selfie without permission someone includes in the shot you fall under the UAE cybercrime law. According to the law, anyone who commits the violation can face AED 500000 to 1000000 and up to 6month jail in term or either these two penalties.

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