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Key Cafe || Best Coffee Shop in Riyadh

Key Cafe: Best Coffee Shop in Riyadh City

Coffee shops are a phenomenon in towns and villages.
Most of the coffee shops are peoples favorites in the town for their products values.
Sign named Key Cafe is most one coffee shop within one year became the most favorite coffee shop in the Riyadh city. One thing Key Cafe is not only a coffee shop there have so many items, like All kinds of key cafe coffee and ice cream, juice, hotdog sandwich is also the most delicious one breakfast related.

key coffee  logo /truthofmiddle
Key Cafe Logo /truthofmiddle

Key Cafe menu: Best Coffee Shop in Riyadh

Key cafe coffee shop produced so many items I suggested most favorites items that items are having peoples give reviews well. Popular items are Hotdogs-Sandwich, all kinds of coffee especially Pistachio latte, Iced Spanish latte, vanilla latte,  ice cream, Salted Caramel, Coconut, called  Passion fruits juice.

Key Cafe Hotdogs Sandwich: Best Coffee Shop in Riyadh

Hotdog Sandwich is one of the most favorite items in the Key Cafe shop. Before you Eat you do not imagine what is it. After eating I challenge, you must say it's yummy and I hope you tell others that Hotdogs Sandwich is the best one in Riyadh city.

Key Cafe coffee Latte: Best Coffee Shop in Riyadh

Key cafe all latte items are yummy taste but a popular one is Iced Spanish latte. And another one is pistachio latte also good for taste.

Key Cafe Ice cream: Best Coffee Shop in Riyadh

Peoples are saying Key Cafe Salted Caramel Ice cream is so yummy. Basically Salted caramel ice cream is most of favorite ice cream item in Key Cafe and also black ice cream not bad.
By the by Fruits juice item are amazing but most favorite one is Passion fruits juice.

So, guys let checked out the shop and share with us key Cafe experiences with your valuable comments.

Key Cafe location: Best Coffee Shop in Riyadh

Key Cafe located Exit 5 besides of kingdom schools it's nearby MacDonald and Shrimp Shack Seafood restaurant.

Location of the Key Cafe: Best Coffee Shop in Riyadh

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