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eXtra store || Best Electronic and home appliances Store in Saudi Arabia .

Best Electronics and home appliances Store:

Best electronics and home appliances Store in Saudi Arabia
eXtra store

eXtra was established in Saudi Arabia in 2003 by United Electronics company (UEC) to provide customers with complete shopping experience for consumer electronics and home appliances. The
eXtra store one of the biggest Electronics and home appliances seller in the middle east. Significantly, with +12 Million shoppers, eXtra is the destination and the most popular electronics store with 35 stores across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and 2 stores in between Bahrain and Oman.importantly 2010 and 2011, eXtra was cited by the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA) as “One of the Kingdom’s fastest-growing companies”. In addition, in 2012 eXtra was also named as one of the “Arabia 500 top companies in recognition of its exceptional growth and sustained commercial success. Find all eXtra store location in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia Across 35 stores which one nearby you. 

Best electronics and home appliances Store location :

Best Electronic store hot deals in the Middle East: 

Best electronics and home appliances Store hot deals
eXtra hot deals
Offering over 12,000 different products – including an enormous range of leading international brands – eXtra ranks first in terms of the number of stores and products it offers in Saudi Arabia.

Best Online Electronic store deals : 

eXtra store is one of the best online Electronic Store in Saudi Arabia. In online shopping, eXtra give their honorable customer more opportunity by Discounts. 
Shopping online customer will follow eXtra terms and condition. 
The link below eXtra terms and conditions-

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