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The most beautiful view Riyadh City at Night

The most beautiful view Riyadh City at Night 

Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia. The picture of the modern city is seen in the original, Riyadh is the most modern city of Saudi Arabia. In compare beauty Riyadh is the first of all cities in the country. Especially the beauty of the night is soothing and flashy. The beauty of the Riyadh of the night does not know to enjoy the people of the country. Their enjoyment is different from the world They spend time in restaurants, copies of travel etc.
They do not understand the pleasure of taking a selfie in the flyover the moving vehicle on this road. I promise if anyone feels that it's become the most wonderful time as expect your heart. Same place as situated in the western country they must be chilling more ways.
I have taken inspiration in the light of the night by the heart today. It was an amazing feeling I must say.

Its place located over king Abdullah city by going Takhassusi point.

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