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Reema Al Juffali || First Saudi Woman To Compete In Motor Racing in Saudi Arabia .

Reema Al Juffali the first Saudi Woman To Compete In Motor Racing in Saudi Arabia.

Reema Al Juffali
Reema al Juffali (collected)
Two years ago, there was a very unexpected issue in Saudi Arabia, women were driving.
Saudi women are driving cars with pride in Saudi streets breaking that unimaginable idea.

The world's only Saudi Arabia woman was forbidden to drive cars and The ban that has gone up last year. In a country where women were not allowed to drive, a girl from that country kept racing the car at this time. In September 2017, Saudi Arabia announced that the ban on women driving will withdraw.
After this, Saudi women gather for a driving license. On June 24, 2018, a few decades restriction had been withdrawn to drive women from midnight. In that sequence, challenging Saudi woman Reema al Juffali competition in the racing car.
Reema al Juffali took part in the first race in October after receiving the license in June. While studying at college, Reema al Juffali became the fan of car racing Formula One.
After that apply for racing car license. she also took training in Formula Car Racing School.

Reema al Juffali was 26-year-old lives in Jeddah Saudi Arabia.untamable she studied out of the country at honors degree level. Reema al-Juffali was graduated in the Northeastern University Department of Bachelor of Arts - BA (2010 – 2014) International Affairs, Minors in History, Middle East Studies and Political Science. Reema said, when I finished the honors level, I was admitted racing car school in a three-day course of formula and It was mind-blowing.

Reema al Juffali (collected)
At that time I sat in a racing car for the first time. At last, she said about women driving her move to prove that the girls of that country are not less anyone or anything.

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