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We are concerned about the environment around us because we are not aware of nature's protection. Today's world is so dirty because of lack of awareness in our daily path. Even after this century, we were not able to become very aware of plastic use, it has a great effect on the environment. The use of plastic seen in the Arab countries is very heavy. if anybody has seen the Arab garbage There is nothing other than plastic objects. Although they have many clean workers with whom the entire city is cleaned. But there is no suggestion and awareness about the prevention of plastic use, which is a step towards reducing the major crisis like climate change in the global environment. Not only in Arabia, but the use of plastic materials in the whole world is also less or more. Due to the non-storage of used plastic in the right way, its dirty effect spread from the water drain to the sea. In other words, in the underdeveloped world, its use is more.
For some time a picture through social media is viral.

change environment

This picture contains the details and protests images of today's world.
When the world is thinking about the environment, such pictures are really interested in the world and think again.
Let's stop the use of plastic to make the world more affordable for the future, and be interested in using environmentally friendly materials.

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