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The basic needs and reality of the people with Saudi Arab

Fortunately, few people in the world are born with are guarantees of their basic needs.
In contrast, The people of the vast majority of the world struggle to fill their basic needs over their valuable time.
Generally, five fundamental rights or needs for people are for food, clothing, housing, education, medical care. At present, essentially fulfilling 5 basic needs.
And the condition of Arab citizens is different from all over the world. It has been said that in the last three decades, every citizen's birth in Saudi Arabia has guaranteed basic needs.

The basic needs of the people with Arab:

Food: Food is the main basic demand of human beings. People eat food for survival but now people live to eat. Generally, people eat food prepared in habitat or eat cooked food in the restaurant. Seeing the crowd in today's Arab restaurants, it is understood that they are not interested in eating homemade food. Almost all the members of the family, at their own favorite restaurant, eat food according to their desire. Due to economic solvency, there is no difficulty in eating them expensive.

Shrimp Shack restaurant

Clothing: Textile is the second basic demand of people.The clothes of the people covering the body and covering the shame. At present, people spend extra money on showing clothes and spending more than necessary to show others beauty. Saudis are not behind them, their clothes are based on Islamic values, expensive and modern.

saudi clothes

: Accommodation is a basic necessity for people. A habitat is a special place for people where he can protect himself from sunlight, rain, storm etc. It has every adult Saudis and currently, every Saudi has more than one residence and it is very expensive. Due to economic solvency, there is no difficulty to make more their accommodation expensive.

saudi home

Education: It is said that education is the backbone of a nation and an educated person is the wealth of the country. Since Saudi has a free education system up to the second stage that why the people of the country are advancing in education. Young people of the country are interested to give more attention to education because of the job opportunities offered by the educated youth in the country.

saudi education

Medical: An important basic demand is medical for people.In a word, the main objective of treatment is to save lives from being endangered and to keep people in physical and mental standing in the past. Medical services in Saudi Arabia are called free. The country is particularly concerned about keeping its citizens healthy.

saudi hospital

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