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Beauty of Kindness from Around the World

Coffee on the wall: Kindness from Around the World

Coffee on the wall
This exceptional human service is common in many Western cities. In particular, it is seen in the countries of Europe. This service is generally for poor people who can not eat due to lack of money. Over time, this service appears in the Arab world and a few days ago a Saudi coffee shop was seen in my own eyes. At Riyadh Coffee shop a customer was made his order two cup coffee one on the wall. I was surprised to see this than through the Internet and learned that the service of the city of Venice has been long before. Then the waiter gave a cup of coffee to the customer and the other one wrote it on a paper and put it on the wall. Then some more customers came in time by time and Some of them did so.

Coffee on the wall
coffee on the wall

Interestingly, there is a note in the shop wall "To order One for yourself, one for others, Wall is waiting for you". In truth, most Saudi women responded to this service and In most cases, they are doing a lot. And this service is being enjoyed by foreigners living in Saudi Arabia, especially Gulf Arab people. They are doing order one cup of coffee from the wall. interesting its really interesting Beauty of Kindness from Around the World.

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