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Saudi special road construction for the blind devotees

In Saudi social media, Viral has shown a road created for a blind Muslim

His family has created a special road for their blind child.
In order that the person can go to the mosque normally by walk and perform five-time prayers regularly without any assistance. The road was constructed in such a way that the blind man can reach the mosque directly after walking while using a high-low spot. Also, this beautiful and untimely work will come in cooperation with other blind people. Besides, it will also encourage the people of the area to work with the help of different people with disabilities.
Significantly, A few days later local charity organizations in the northern Buraidah city of Saudi Arabia have arranged a special way for helpless citizens to reach the mosque. The organization has already built a way to fulfill their (blind peoples) dreams. The blind people will be able to make regular visits to the mosque.

Earlier, in Gloucester in England, a safe road was built for the blind in 2015. Basically, these pathways, specially built for disabled peoples, will easily reach the desired destination without anyone else's help. Buraidah charity hopes that other people like them will also come forward with the help of the blind. In particular, they will help to build mosques, markets and special pathways that can go to important places.

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