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Saudi Arabia's youngest couple and world most dynamic value Relationship

Let's introduced Saudi Arabia youngest couple  

Ali Al Kayesi Married when he was only 14 years old. He married a one-year-old cousin of his age. And the most significant news is that this couple has recently been a stepfather's father and mother. His wife gave birth to a military hospital. The couple, who lived in Tabuk, were the youngest couple in Saudi Arabia who gave birth to their child.

Ali Al Kayesi
Ali Al Kayesi
Interestingly, On the one and a half year of marriage, they become the child's parents.
The couple had lots of trouble in given birth of their child. The pregnant woman was taken to the hospital for treatment, then the authorities objected to her father's delivery without permission. Authorities raising objections to the need for Caesarean And for this reason, they really want to sign her father's legal documents.
Although Ali al-Kaisi was able to convince the authorities and he gave birth 
to the child in the hospital.

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