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A scientific method of gardening and organize the garden around the roof and business center.

The scientific method of gardening

According to a UN report, 54 percent of the world's population now live in cities.In 1950, the rate was only 30 percent.
In the future, the inflow of urban people will be faster. In 2050, about 66 percent of the world's people will live in cities.
By that time many more cities and megacities would be built. So need to develop our current cities. The largest urbanization in the world is North America. There is now 82 percent of people living in the city.
In comparison, the number of people living in the city of Africa and Asia is less, respectively, 40 and 48 percent. with such a large population, the majority of Saudi Arabian residents live in the urbanized cities. Just 17% of the population lives in the country's rural areas.
In such a scenario, the city has to be developed in a planned form. And so the garden on the roof and the business area has become vital.

Necessary materials:

1. An empty roof or organization convenient place
2. Half drums, cement or clay tub
3. Convenient place on the roof or organization
4. Loam, Rotten dry dung, Sand and brick dust, etc.
5. Plant sapling or seed


1. For the extraction of extra water under the half drum must be kept 5/6 holes of 1-inch diameter.
2. Under the drum, spreading 1-inch size pieces of brick with must be covered by sand.
3. mixing equal quantity Loam, Rotten dry dung and fertilizer are approximately 50-100 grams should be filled full of the drum.
4. The tree will be planted between the drums after 15 days.
5. The planting plant should be tied with a stick.
6. After planting, the plants should be well filled with water.
7. The use of water irrigation and fertilizer application is necessary Pest control measures should be taken.
8. Fertilizers must be applied according to plant growth.
9. The trees are diseased and dead branches should be cut.

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