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"Donate Blood " Save Life || Noakhali Blood Hunter

Give Blood, Save Life "one bag of blood can save a life."


This speech appears in the whole world and This speech is developing world-wide social values. It works to develop these social values, the young people of Bangladesh who are now engaged in education. Nowadays youngest students are the most progressive citizens in Bangladesh. The people who are working here are actually citizens of Bangladesh's well-organized and well-coordinated districts, which are actually called Royal District Noakhali.
Since ancient times, these districts have traditions and fame, which work hard to build golden Bengal every day. The parts of which they work constantly, for the distressed and sick women and men. Their commitment is that no citizen of Bangladesh should die in the absence of blood.
Noakhali Blood hunter community debuted on 21 February in 2018. Now more then 45000 volunteer active members are work in the group. In the greater Noakhali district, the organization has donated blood more than 3000 bags besides all over Bangladesh that community has done donate more 8000 bags. That's why they are working in different categories of Bangladeshi professionals and are continuing to make the number of blood donors in their community. Also available everywhere in the country, including Noakhali, for the need of blood and for the development of social activities.
Their work has already been widely appreciated in Bangladesh  As part of which is going abroad as their identity.

 Noakhali Blood Hunter

Therefore, I wish with the sincere blessings and cooperation of the people for the support of the community and social development to carry forward their work successfully.
I believe that cooperation can lead to the advancement of the world and can save millions of lives. The names and contact profile of these social workers operators are summed below.

 Noakhali Blood Hunter
 Noakhali Blood Hunter

Community group name: #Noakhali Blood hunter Admin And Moderators are Details below.

Noakhali Blood hunter  Moderators:

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