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The two holy cities Mecca to Medina high-speed trains Haramain installed.

Mecca to Medina high-speed train named Haramain.

The high-speed rail line has been installed in Saudi Arabia's the holy two cities Mecca to Medina. The new 'HARAMAIN' railway is part of the 'Saudi Vision-2030'.

Haramain Train
New railways will be allowed to go to Mecca from Medina in less than two hours. 
This ride takes more than twice the speed of the journey.

In addition,
Mecca TO Medina the train will also be able to travel faster between Jeddah and Rabig city.
It takes less than 25 minutes to travel between Jeddah and Makkah.

The station of Mecca is located more about three kilometers away from Holy Kaaba and situated King Abdul Aziz Road in Medina city.

Significantly, this is one of the most huge communication projects in the Middle East.
About more than 58 million people will be able to travel this route annually.

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